Dubai Desert Twins

The Lady on The Wall

Jen's Wearing 
Dress - Gap 
Choker - Topshop 
Bag - Michael Kors 
Sandals - Aeropostale 

Meet Me At Praia De Ipanema…


Swim Wear - Lenny Niemeyer -
Head Band - Praias  - DotYourTeas 
Necklace & Choker - Lovisa
Skirt - Garage 
Glasses - Topshop
Bag - CeeCode -

Summer essentials with Praias

Summer is almost here so we are putting together our summer essentials. I got the Salina's swim suit as it's bright and colourful really complements my skin tone. With most swim suits or bikini's at praias you don't just have to wear them for the beach or the pool you can wear them out pretty much anywhere as long as you know how you're going to style it. With my Salina swim suit I styled it with studded shorts and a light cropped blouse which is perfect for an outdoor event. I also got a couple of accessories from Praias as they look great with my swim suit, the flowered head band and the stunning purple shades. 
The Praias store is located on the ground floor Mall of the Emirates. 

Jen's Wearing 
Flower Headband - Praias - Dot Your Teas
Crop top - Garage Store
Watch - Aeropostale    

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