Dubai Desert Twins


Jen's Wearing 

Meggy Sneakers - Aldo 
Black Jeans - Garage 
Coat - Zara 
Pitek Bag Pack - Aldo 
Costume - Boy London 
Biggie Choker - Aldo 
Ring & Bracelet - By Lady Mauve 

Animal Print

Kate's Wearing
Top - Forever21
Belt - American Eagle
Burlanda Shoes - Aldo 
Gaslusol Bag - Aldo
Caprani Earrings - Aldo


BBQ Honey Wings
The famous home made sauce was amazing with the chicken tenders
There are more restaurants opening everyday in Dubai and we saw this one on sheikh zayed road which we have never been to before so we had to check it out. Their specialty were the chicken tenders and they really were the best we have tasted in a long time and specially with their home made sauce. There is a part of the menu where you can make your own burger from the menu which is great as you can pick what ever you fancy. Chickenow is affordable and delicious, we recommend any chicken lovers to definitely visit Chickenow! The service was really good 10/10. 
Click Here to follow them on Facebook and check out the full menu. 

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