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4 December 2018

Splash Fashions

Kate's Outfit 
Jumper - SplashFashions

Jen's Outfit
Shirt - SplashFashions
Blazer - SplashFashions
Skirt - SplashFashions
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25 November 2018

Winter Ready With Splash

Splash has got their latest winter collection in stores & online  
Check out Splash Fashion online store Click Here and you can check out Splash stores near you Here

Our Sweaters Are From - SplashFashions
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20 November 2018

BlackBerry Key2LE

                                              Taken With The New BlackBerry Key 2 LE
The BlackBerry Key2 LE has arrived and its better than ever!! We had to check it out and see whats new on the latest android phone. The phone was very recently launched in the Middle East and stands for BlackBerry's emphasis on reliability, productivity and privacy. With this new phone there is three different vibrant colours, which are Slate, Champagne, and atomic. We got the champagne colour as it looks quite stylish and fancy and really brings out the design of the new phone. The screen is larger and has a selfie camera that isn't visible this time around which is perfect makes the phone look more sophisticated/smart. With the selfie camera it also has a flash using LCD. With this new android phone you can have access to over a million apps on Google Play and it covers BlackBerry specific applications such as BBM. If you need to have two SIM cards to juggle with your dual accounts you can with this device. BlackBerry Key2 LE is built to help you keep everything on equal terms. This new android is thinner and lighter than ever, but not too light, its perfect. The phone also has a better grip on the back so its easier to hold. The keyboard is nice to hold and the touch screen has cool sound effects to it once you start using the phone, it sounds very high tech which we really liked. The battery life is great, it charges really fast so its perfect for anyone who is always on the go and quickly needs to charge up. The front image an selfie image on the screen is better quality this time around and the screen covers a large amount of the picture you want to take, as you can see in a Burj Khalifa image we took from the phone itself above. 
Find others who have the BlackBerry Key2 LE by following this hashtag #BlackBerryKey2LE
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