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7 April 2015

Original Wings & Rings

We have to tell you about this bar/restaurant we go to, its located in DIFC at Liberty House it's the perfect place to go with a bunch of friends. The menu selection is just amazing we never know what to have starting from the appetizers to the main meals and the desserts. For the appetizers we chose cheese sticks and onion rings the rings were delicious dipped in the ranch sauce, we didn't want too much as we knew the main would fill us up. For the main meals there was a page on the menu where you can decide if you want original wings, boneless chicken or chicken strips and then pick what flavour you would like on your chicken, we picked buffalo mild flavour it was just right as we can't handle the spicy sauce and we added some curly fries too. There are other great items on the menu too we picked the buffalo chicken burger, it was so tasty, juicy and a little spicy but it went really well with the ranch sauce to cool it down.
We were too full for dessert but they really looked good, so maybe next time. Wings and Rings has such a cool and chilled vibe you feel as if you're in a bar in America and there's activities and TV with sports and music playing. The waitress who served us 'Jenise' was really nice and helpful made us feel welcome.
Check out Wings and Rings Facebook page for updates on their events and themed nights.
They are doing a brunch every Friday and a special one on the 17th is coming up so keep an eye out Click Here!!

Check out their website and the menu Click Here
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