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23 February 2017

Jumeirah Jane

Jumeirah Jane is an online boutique for ladies, we discovered them on Instagram where they're showing their latest collections of bikinis, dresses, beach wear and more. We really like the off the shoulder look these days so Kate chose the Gypsy style white 'Freya' top and Jen chose the blue and white striped 'Carly' top. Jumeirah Jane has so many amazing items in store and they keep up with the latest trends, so go ahead a take a look at their Instagram account Jumeirah Jane.

If you're wondering who took these fantastic photos, we had Helen help us for this shoot we also found her on Instagram and she was great to work with. Helen is a photographer here in Dubai and has been behind the lense for quite sometime, she really knows how to capture the right moment. When we get someone to take our photos we always feel a little shy at first but when you have a photographer like Helen who makes you feel so comfortable in front of the camera it just gives you that boost of confidence you need to get amazing photos.

If you would like to contact Helen please visit her website Find Helen on Instagram here to view her recent work.
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