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12 March 2017

Ting Irie - It's a Brunch Ting

Brunch in Dubai is a must! We are spoilt for choice with brunches here in Dubai and it’s hard to pick which brunch to go to. We decided to check out a new brunch over the weekend, the Ting Irie Brunch at Al Manzil Downtown Dubai’s first Jamaican Restaurant and Lounge. As soon as you enter the restaurant you feel like you are in Jamaica from the interiors, the music and the wonderful smells coming from the kitchen. There are two brunch packages the non-alcohol package or the alcohol package. It’s not your typical brunch where you go and walk round picking what you want from a buffet, you get given a menu which shows you exactly what you will be having, something different right. 

While we were browsing through the menu we sipped on the delicious island cocktails, very refreshing.  
To start with we snacked on plantain chips, Rasta green salad (the seasoning on this salad was excellent), and watermelon with some of Ting Irire’s sauce on top.
Then came a huge tray of Jamaican food to share between the three of us, it looked and smelt amazing! On this tray there was their famous O.G Fried chicken, which was our favourite, oxtail coco bread sandwiches with some Jamaican coleslaw we highly recommend you try this. The next best thing on the tray was their lobster, we don’t normally eat lobster but we absolutely loved how it was cooked and seasoned.
And there was also Jamaican patties with eggs benedict on top, beef strips with a fried egg, Jamaican fried dumplings with sauce, potato hash browns, spitfiyah jerk chicken which is marinated for 24 hours and it tasted spectacular! So much colour, flavor and smells coming from one tray.
There was a lot to eat between the three of us, and we just about had room for the dessert we had the butter cookie French toast, and the carnival funnel cake, we drizzled the caramelized white chocolate sauce all over the desserts and it was so good.  
The interior was awesome we felt like we were in a Jamaican beach bar, especially with the DJ playing the dancehall tunes, he really set the Jamaican feel to the brunch where everyone in there got up to dance. 
Tashana served us at brunch she was extremely friendly, helpful and we didn’t have to ask any questions about the menu as she did that as soon as we sat down, she also told us what everything was on the tray once it was on the table. Tashana was great.
All the staff were nice and welcoming, even though it was packed and they were busy they always had a smile on their faces and they were getting involved in all the fun and dancing.
This is one place you must go to, we cant wait to visit Ting Irie again.
Visit Ting Irie website here and follow them on Instagram Ting Irie Dxb


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