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4 June 2017

Privilee, the membership card you'll want to use

We have had the best three months ever as we had the chance to review Privilee membership card. Privilee is the ultimate lifestyle membership that gives you exclusive access to some of the finest five-star hotels in the UAE which also gives you access to their gym facilities, spa's, beaches, pools and sport activities and while you are there, enjoy discounts off your food, beverages and spa deals. As we always get such wonderful weather here in the UAE, it is a must to go to the beach or somewhere to relax when you have the time. 

We were really impressed with the deals you get with Privilee especially the bar and restaurant deals. In each of the restaurants and bars in the hotels listed on Privilee you can get 20 to 25% discount on your meals and drinks. 
We have visitors quite often coming over from the UK and most the time all they want to do is sit in the sun and relax and we don't blame them who wouldn't. So we decided that priviless would be perfect for their short stay with us and they absolutely love going to different hotels each week and they got to see other parts of Dubai as well. For each guest it will only cost you 249dhs and they can use their cards during week days. 

The process with using privilee cards at hotels is quite easy and quick, you register and hand over your card once you get to the hotel spa or pool area and then you enjoy the rest of you day by the pool or the beach with delicious food and yummy cocktails with membership discounts. Yes it's that simple!

We haven't been able to visit all the hotels yet but the hotels we have been to have been amazing. We feel like tourists, with privilee you get to escape office life for a bit and take some time to yourself. Not only can you go to hotels in Dubai but you can visit selected hotels in Abu Dhabi too. 

Privilee is an annual membership, you can choose to pay the total price straight away or you can pay the fee monthly. The total cost for privilee membership is 5,988dhs which is fantastic compared to what some hotels charge for their membership. 

Privilee is the membership card you'll want to use!

Visit the Privilee website here -

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