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1 December 2017

British Corner Shop

British Corner Shop is an online grocery store for British expats around the world. If you miss having your favourite British snacks, like jams, biscuits, crisps, chocolate, sweets and even pies. Then take a look at what the British corner shop can deliver to your door. They have pretty much everything you may miss from the UK. We have just had a delivery which only took four days to get to us here in Dubai. We recieved a Brit Kit with all things Cadburys, chocolate biscuits, jam, Yorkshire tea and two advent calendars ready for Christmas. We can't wait to shop again at the British Corner Shop and get some more of our favourites that we miss from the UK. Instead of our family and friends who come from the UK always bringing things back for us, we will now use British Corner Shop to deliver the goods right to our door. This would be the perfect gift for anyone you know who lives abroad or back in the UK, as they have gift hampers and great gift ideas. 
Get ordering from the British Corner Shop today, in time for Christmas!

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  Visit The British Corner Shop HERE 

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