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22 December 2017


Mealtop is a famous south Korean restaurant for desserts, new to Dubai. We were curious as we have never tried Korean desserts before and couldn't wait to try it, so the other day we went to La Mer where Mealtop is located. Looking at the desserts for the first time we thought they were very different and interesting and didn't know what to expect at all. We got to try there famous Bingsoo which is shaved ice and you can pick any sweet toppings of your choice. There was fruits, green tea and many other toppings, we chose the fruit Bingsoo which was super refreshing and sweet they were lovely. They also have ice creams called softies, you can have milk, milk tea or even mix them together like we did. We then had the coffee snow latte and the green tea snow latte, very tasty. Jen ordered the ice cream crepe and she loved it, especially with the chocolate sauce and whipped cream. As La Mer has recently opened and we went in the morning, it was a nice time to visit. If you haven't been to La Mer yet it's a must from us for sure and don't forget to visit Mealtop while you're there. Mealtop is located at the north side N41

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