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29 January 2018

W O K Y O Noodle Bar

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So you might not know this but we love noodles :) and we had to check out Wokyo in JLT Cluster J.  Finding the place was quite easy as we had help from google maps and parking was a bit tight but didn't take us long to find a space. Wokyo is a Chinese, Japanese restaurant where you can create your own meal (wok) in 3 ways. As we entered the restaurant they greeted us with a very loud welcome in Japanese which straight away put a smile on our faces and made us think how it would be in Japan. Staff were so down to earth and very cool and kind, joking around with us and teaching us some Japanese. The best thing about Wokyo is while you wait for your meal they give you some games to play with, doesn't matter how old you are you will still love the games they give you. And on that note we would like to thank Kevin our waiter and the rest of the staff at Wokyo for making us feel so welcome. The whole experience was memorable and even when we were in the restaurant we had so many messages from friends and followers asking where this place is, it's just something unique.    
Firstly you choose your sauce which is quite hard as they have a lot to choose from but they do allow you to try sauces to help you decide, secondly you choose the base which are the noodles and again they have a variety for you to pick from and there is a Gluten free option too. Thirdly you get to choose the protein that you want in your dish , from chicken, beef, and prawns for example. We had the egg noodle, chicken and vegetable stir fry and the Sapporo Miso Ramen which were both full of flavors and equally delicious. There are sides of veg, breaded chicken strips and their famous crispy renkon chips as in the pictures above they were sliced lotus root chips and these were delicious by the way. There is a variety of iced tea drinks and Jenny tried the Hibiscus iced tea for the first time and she loved it, very refreshing.
We then had some room to try Wokyo's soft ice creams, we had the Berry Aisu Kurimu (fresh berries ice cream) and the Matcha Aisu Kurimu (Matcha green tea) ice cream. Both ice creams were yummy and refreshing after our meals but we did prefer the berries ice cream and we loved how they put the ice creams in a Chinese takeaway container, very cute. The prices were reasonable and its money well spent.

Wokyo have just won an award for 'Best Noodle Bar' voted by Zomato users! 

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