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5 March 2018

Easter Brit Kit

Get an Easter Brit Kit in time for Easter. We got our British Corner Shop delivery within 4 days delivered from the UK to us in Dubai! We know, fast right. Living abroad does make you miss the small things from back home and yes by small things we mean food/snacks. There are quite a few items you cannot get here in Dubai and with British Corner Shop they will very quickly get the items you miss delivered to your door. We received another Corner Shop delivery recently and we wanted to show you what we have got. Read through the list below to see what exactly is in our British Corner Shop Box this month.
        - Mini Milk Choc Tiffins
        - Tyrells Poshcorn (popcorn)
        - Sensations Roasted Chicken & Thyme Crisps
        - Heinz Hoops (these are Jen's favourite by the way)
        - Ambrosia Rice Pudding
        - Robinsons Squash
        - Clipper English Breakfast Tea
        - Cadbury East Eggs

You can pick what ever you want from the British Corner Shop collection. You can get items like books, crisps, biscuits, cooking sauces, British gifts, chocolate, tea, juices, household cleaning products. The list goes on and on.

Visit the British Corner Shop Website HERE. Order the products you miss.
We will also be giving out a discount code on our social media channels soon.
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