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8 November 2018

Wagamama The Greens

We love the fact Wagamama is so close to our home. It has been in the greens for quite some time now and it is a very popular place for those who live in the area. 
Wagamama has been adding to their menu, they now have breakfast and they have a vegan and vegetarian menu which is fantastic. As this branch is so close to home, we do tend to visit quite often even if it is just for a takeout. The staff here know us very well and they even know our order every time we visit which makes it easier for us. Every member of staff here are absolutely lovely and friendly, they make us feel so welcome and they're always so quick with getting orders. Excellent customer service. 
We ordered a lot during our visit to Wagamama, every single dish was amazing! We really enjoy the hirata steamed buns, the buns are so soft and the fillings are extremely tasty and juicy. 
The katsu curry has always been and will probably always be a favourite of ours we just love the curry sauce, the crunchy fried chicken and the sticky rice, its delicious! Kate does actually have soba noodles instead of rice which we recommend you give it a try sometime, its really good. 
The teriyaki soba is another favourite dish of ours, there are so many flavours and textures in this dish everything just goes really well together, and if you don't normally go for ramen dishes and you prefer dry noodle dishes then we recommend you try the teriyaki soba or even the firecracker or the katsu curry just change the rice to soba noodles. 
Now we normally don't order dessert as we get takeaways more often than dining in, but this time we wanted to try a few. We have tried the matcha green tea ice cream before and it's so refreshing and tasty. But we are glad we got to try more from the dessert menu because they were amazing!! The banana katsu was just divine and when its soaked into the salted caramel ice cream its just mind blowing. The yuzu and lemon tart wasn't on the plate for long as we literally hovered it, it was delicious.

What We Ordered

- Duck wraps
- Hirata steamed buns

- Katsu curry with soba noodles (instead of rice)
- 2 Teriyaki soba noodles (one with duck, other with steak)
- Firecracker with soba noodles (instead of rice)

- Mochi balls
-Banana katsu
- Yuzu and lemon tart 
- Matcha green tea ice cream


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