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24 January 2019

Stars N Bars - La Mer

One of our favourite restaurant/bars in Dubai called Stars N Bars invited us to meet the head chef and try some new items from their menu. We have been before with friends and loved the food and atmosphere so we didn't hesitate to say yes. The location of the restaurant is at La Mer and its facing the beach, cant get any better than that hey. There are some amazing sunset views from the terrace and the place looks awesome inside, it has a surfer theme around the restaurant and it has arcade games for customers to play on also. 
 So we were greeted by staff downstairs and then taken to our table upstairs where we noticed how cool and chilled the place looked and how the staff were. Its the perfect location for some Instagram photos and the interior outside with the lights. Then we got to meet Chef Andrew, he explained the new menu & we had a nice chat with him too. He mentioned what he was going to bring out first for us to try, it was the Garlic Prawns which was set on top of a fried banana base which was surprisingly nice it tasted like a healthy hash brown then there was the avocado this was such a great combination of tastes, we had the Buffalo dynamite chicken this was a fried chili roll stuffed with chicken and cheese, served with buffalo source and spicy slaw. The Chef then brought over one of his specialty dishes the charcoal grilled corn which was brushed with Cajun butter, lime mayo and grated cheese, the tastes from this was sensational, you would take a bite and all the flavours would be on your lips it was just as good as it looks. Our favourite from the new bar bites menu was the Mac and Cheese balls, they were super crispy on the outside soft and cheesy inside, the sauce that came with it was perfect, Kate even dipped hers in the buffalo sauce. 
We then tried something we have never tried before and Chef Andrew said it was his favourite dish this was the flashed Sashimi, the flavours and the texture of this made us love it. He really did this dish justice it was fantastic and highly recommended. Then we chose pulled beef burger and the chicken quesadillas which were heavenly. We just about had enough room for desserts and we had to try them once we read what they had on the menu. We had the fried oreos and the milk cake and were we in heaven it was delectable and it was by far the best dessert we have had in a long time. 
Thank you to Stars N Bars and Chef Andrew for such a fun and delightful evening. 
P.s they do ladies nights from 9pm on Wednesdays for all the ladies reading this :p  
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