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1 September 2019

The Gypsy Shrine

We had so much fun trying out some products from The Gyspy Shrine & we have never really been into wearing a lot of makeup, I guess you can say we were always quite lazy to even try but with Gypsy Shrine they give you pretty face jewels that are all put together for you so all you have to do is place them on your face, it is so simple and you get left with an awesome festival look. Honestly we want to look like this every weekend!
 We also got some fluorescent eyeliners, body glitter & glittery eye shadows. The Gypsy Shrine products are distributed worldwide, you can be festival ready wherever you are. 

Check out The Gypsy Shrine Instagram page HERE for more inspiration.  
Visit The Gypsy Shrine Website HERE

"Keep The Party Alive"! 

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