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13 November 2019

JA Beach Hotel

And The Breakfast at Ibn Majed
The JA Beach Hotel in Jebal Ali has been around for quite sometime and it has been a huge hit with tourists and residence for years now. This hotel is known for it's friendly hospitality, wildlife attractions and it's stunning ocean view. Last weekend we got the chance to stay at the JA Beach hotel as it has now been refurbished, it has never looked so good. 
Upon entering the hotel, we were greeted greeted by the staff at the door we then went straight to reception to check in. We were told our room wasn't ready and the kind lady at reception recommended we wander around the hotel to see the facilities which meant to us head straight down to the beach bar haha. Within a few minutes we received a call to inform us that our room was ready which took no time at all. reaching the room, we noticed the newly decorated changes and it looks amazing, we had an incredible view of the beach, tall palm trees and the swimming pool, we couldn't have asked for a better room. 
It didn't take us long to unpack as we wanted to explore more of the hotel. There are quite a few pools to choose from and plenty of pool beds and seats, so you don't have to worry about rushing to find an area to sit.
There are endless activities to do there, golf, swimming, horse and pony rides, shooting club, a spa and so much more. As we mentioned in our previous blog post we tried the shooting range which was an incredible experience and Kate had a very relaxing time at the spa. You would literally never want to leave the hotel as there is so much you can do there. On the beach there's a big surf house, that's what we called it anyway. There are loads of water activities too, you will find them in this huge surf house. 
We really liked the beach and pool vibes as there is loads to do and plenty of time to relax and there's pool bars and a beach bar to visit and enjoy the music and cocktails. You almost feel like you're in the Bahamas. It really takes you away from Dubai's city living. And with the sun slowly disappearing through the palm trees we felt so relaxed, we just soaked up the atmosphere it was magnificent! 
We finally made a move and headed up to the room to get ready for the night ahead. This night we decided to try some middle eastern authentic food, which was a great choice in the end. The restaurant is called Phoenicia, the place looked amazing with the middle eastern look and feel. As the weather was perfect that night we wanted to sit outside, such a lovely setting as well. We enjoyed every dish especially the chicken shish taouk covered with a soft bread wrap with a side salad and garlic paste, absolutely delicious. We also tried a few dishes we hadn't tried before and we loved how different each dish was, just full of flavours. 
With an early night to bed, which by the way was another comfortable night sleep. We woke up feeling refreshed and ready for breakfast. The breakfast was served at the Ibn Majed buffet restaurant and once again had one of the best seats in the room, facing the beach and palm trees. The buffet had loads of options, hot, cold and plenty of healthy options. One thing we always look for at hotel breakfast buffets are the eggs. scrambled, fried and poached, literally any type at at Ibn Majed they had them all, you didn't have to ask for them to be cooked they were ready for you to take and eat straight away also cooked perfectly. We had the most delicious breakfast that morning and completely ready to start the day. 
As we only had a few hours left of our stay we went for a lovely beach walk and we took sometime to walk at the front of the hotel where you will find more wildlife, we even got to see the horses having their daily wash, they were truly pampered head to toe. 
It was time for us to check out and all the staff in the lobby said bye and thank you for staying with them, they were all so lovely. We did notice, there didn't seem to be as many staff around the hotel than there was at JA Lake View hotel, it would have been nice to see more staff as most the time we kept getting lost as it was our first time staying at the JA Beach hotel, we couldn't find a member of staff to help us. But even when we did approach staff, they were helpful and very kind. 
It was such a pleasant stay and extremely relaxing, we really do hope we can come back to stay sometime soon. 
Thank you JA Beach Hotel for having us.

Visit the JA Beach Hotel website here.

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