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10 December 2019

Streetery Food Hall by Zen

It was actually our first time hearing about streetery and we had no idea what to expect once we turned up to the restaurant. Streetery has 4 restaurants all in one place! There were 3 cooking stations and 1 station for drinks. The 4 stations are called, Zen, Fat Aunts, Hing Kee and So Sanuk. Straight away it reminded us of a hawker center or even china town in Singapore. We have just come back from a short visit to Singapore and of course we went to china town there, and what happens when you eat there, they give you each a plastic plate and they bring out the food that is hot and ready to serve and the exact same thing happens at streetery here in Dubai. Now one of the things we really liked about our experience at streetery was the fact you can pick and tick what you want to eat and drink just from an ipad. And by the way the prices of each dish is far from expensive and it was a breath of fresh air compared to most places in Dubai and we have been to some expensive Asian restaurants and the food wasn't as good as the food they serve at streetery. Once we chose what we wanted to eat we were given some yummy prawn crackers to start with and we were given small cups of the drinks they served so we could try them to decide which one we wanted. We didn't have to wait long at all until the food started arriving to our table. From the starters we really enjoyed the chicken char su bao the texture was so soft and the filling had a sweet bbq flavor we highly recommend you give these a try. The vegetable spring rolls were amazing and they had a small spicy kick to them, next time we would like to try the duck spring rolls. One of our favourite dishes when we go to Singapore is the Hainanese chicken and rice and they have the exact same dish at streetery, it comes with a side of chicken broth, it was heavenly. When we go to any Asian restaurant we have to order noodles as we love them! So we ordered the chicken chow mein, it had so much flavor from the sauces and the vegetables, this dish was definitely our favourite and this goes nicely with the sweet and sour chicken and egg fried rice. As you can see from the photo above it looked amazing. Each dish we had was fantastic and extremely tasty and as we were enjoying all the dishes that were covering the entire table, we noticed how good the music was, it was such a good playlist of 90s hits we were singing along to every song, we've never enjoyed a restaurant experience so much. For dessert a member of staff recommended us to try the Pandan Crepe with Coconut Gelato it was so good and we loved the combination of flavours all in one dish. We of course had to try their mango sticky rice and it did not disappoint.
All the staff were so welcoming and lovely, great customer service. 
the place looks like your typical street in china town, with a cosy seating arrangement and dim lights.
We really liked the whole concept of the streetery food hall we have never heard of or seen anything like this in Dubai before and it is definitely worth the visit if you're in JLT area. 

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