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27 May 2020

Mix & Match

Staying at home for the last two months has been challenging. 
Not being able to do the things we would normally do and completely out of routine, not being able to see friends and not being able to find places around Dubai for our next blog shoot. We haven't stopped blogging due to the pandemic but we have had to limit our blog shoot locations to the garden in our compound and our balcony. 
Turns out it's not such a bad thing, we have beautiful trees, plants and perfect lighting in this area. We have also been working on improving our balcony as before it was only used for drying washing but now as you my have seen in our previous post we have added a couple of artificial plants, which gives us the perfect backdrop. 

We are staying safe and staying home.
We are lucky we only have to think about our next backdrop for a blog shoot, but we know there are people who are really struggling during this time. Please stay safe and stay home and hopefully everything will be close to normal again soon. 

Jen's Wearing
Top - Jennyfer
Skirt - Zara 
Earrings - ASOS

Kate's Wearing
Top - H&M
Shorts - Zara
Earrings - NA-KD

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