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26 July 2020

Original Wings And Rings Dubai

As we were stuck at home over the past few months due to the lockdown, we couldn't wait to go out and visit some of our favourite restaurants again and of course Original Wings and Rings being one of them. They are known for their extremely saucy wings and fruity cocktails. The staff are always so welcoming and friendly, the service is fast and the vibe is always fun and vibrant. 
There is so much to choose from on the menu, every time we go we always pick something different to try. This time around we went for a strawberry mojito, a passion fruit margarita and our friend had a margarita on the rocks, each of these cocktails were recommended by a member of staff and they were so tasty. To start with we had the mozzarella sticks and onion rings, we always order these as they are amazing especially with a side of ranch sauce. For mains we ordered wings of course but two types of wings, the traditional buffalo wings medium hot and the boneless buffalo wings also medium hot, the side of ranch sauce and blue cheese dip helped cool our mouths down. We decided to get curly fries with the wings, they are super tasty and a little crunchy, just perfect. We also ordered the buffalo chicken salad which was lovely, the salad cooled down the hot flavor of the wings, such a great mix. We weren't too sure we could fit in dessert but we honestly couldn't turn down their chocolate lava cake with its soft and warm center, absolutely heaven. 
Its so vibrant at Original Wings and Rings, even though they kept everyone at a distance due to social distancing it still had quite a few customers and the atmosphere was buzzing. 
They have weekly deals that you wont want to miss out on so make sure you check them out on their Instagram account here.

If you want to view more mouth watering photos or you want to go through their menu then find them here on Zomato.
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