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9 November 2020

AquaFit Dubai

AquaFit Dubai has made working out a lot more interesting especially for those who struggle to get themselves to a gym, eg, us. 
With AquaFit it's so much more fun and interactive but still safely socially distanced. You will be exercising in a swimming pool, you can work on your tan, and you will be shown what to do by  professional and well experienced instructors, sounds awesome right! 
AquaFit run 12 classes a week based at the Intercontinental hotel, Dubai marina. They have an instruction week deal for new riders at amazing prices. 

3 classes in 7 days for only 150AED
A starter pack which includes 6 classes in 2 weeks for 320AED
10 classes for 750AED
And if you really enjoy the classes which we think you will, you would want to go for the 20 classes for 1,400AED so you will really see a difference. Not bad prices at all. 

These deals include all 3 classes.
AquaFit, which is a full body biking workout including upper body and abs exercises.
AquaTone, will get your heart racing, switching to the hydro equipment to stimulate your arms and abs, with an added cardio section. And there's AquaBurn, this will get them legs burning, reaching a new calories crunching personal best. 

All the classes are super low impact so subtitle for all ability levels, AquaFit have lots of pregnant ladies that take part as well as people recovering from injuries. Literally anyone can do this. 

Achieve maximum results with zero impact on your joints and bones with AquaFit's stationary underwater bikes. If you are looking to lose some weight, work on your fitness or just to have more fun while working out then give AquaFit a try. 

If you are interested you can visit their website or email them at or give them a follow on Instagram.

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