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5 November 2020

Studio One Hotel Dubai

Studio One Hotel in Dubai located in studio city is the perfect place to hang out with friends, have a good time and to also get a good nights sleep. This hotel is known as a "true social, dining and entertainment destination."

When we entered the hotel we were greeted by a chatty and friendly member of staff who checked our temperature upon arrival. When we were checking in we had another kind member of staff who helped us check in with no trouble at all. The lady behind the desk was lovely, great customer service and she explained what facilities they had in the hotel. We noticed how unique and trendy the hotels interior was, it almost felt as if we were in a studio. Once we received our room key we made our way up to the room to check it out. The corridor to the rooms was awesome, as you can see in the photo above, and there was also a 'on air' sign right next to each room door which turns on and off when you enter and leave a room, such a great idea. The door knock was in a shape of a bird, another creative touch to the room. The room we got was the perfect size for the two of us, plenty of space to leave our personal items and as well as having a big bed there was a comfy sofa to watch tv from, desk and chair and a very stylish bathroom. The room itself looked very modern and super eye-catching. 
After exploring our room and relaxing for a couple hours we decided to wander around the hotel. The swimming pool which is located on the ground floor and surrounded by all the award winning restaurants they have at studio one. We were told they have a cinema in the hotel too, which we were really looking forward to as we love a good movie night especially when you have the cinema all to yourself. There are plenty of movie choices to choose from but we wanted to watch a classic, pretty woman. It was fantastic, they provided us with food, soft drinks and sweets to enjoy the movie with. 
They also have a games room and a social area for you to chill and mingle with friends. 
As mentioned above there are award winning restaurants here, there is the Italian restaurant Larte, Mr Miyagi's, Irish Village, The Maine, El Chapos Tacos and Cloud Lounge which is a new addition to the hotel. 
We had dinner at Larte, and you can find our review here if you want to read more about our dining experience. As the night went on we noticed how busy it was getting and with all the lights lit up around the area, it was just a great setting and such a fun vibe. The best part about our stay at the studio one hotel is the fact you can eat and drink all you want in one place and without having the hassle of calling a cab to head home you can just go straight up to your room and get into a big and comfy bed with a perfectly temperature room. We really enjoyed our stay, it was tons of fun and we felt so comfortable thanks to all the hotel staff. Throughout our stay we noticed how clean everything was and all the staff were making sure it was spotless and making sure guests were following social distancing guidelines. 

Visit the studio one hotel website here.

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