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27 June 2021

Trader Vic's Friday Brunch


Brunch on a Friday in Dubai is something everyone looks forward to and there are plenty of brunches to choose from too. We recently went to the Trader Vic's Cheeky Tiki Brunch from 12.30pm - 4pm for AED399
We were greeted by the lovely staff, they were very organised and they lead us straight to our table where we also noticed how busy it was and its great to see the place vibing when you get to a brunch like this. The brunch at Trader's was socially distanced and you couldn't leave your table without putting your mask on which was great, nice to know they were thinking of everyone's health and safety. As we were seated at our table we were offered some water and the waiter asked what drink we would like to start of with, the first thing we noticed on their brunch drink menu was that they serve all their popular cocktails and even a selected beer and of course there was the usual spirits too. 

We had to pick the very famous Tiki Puka Puka (strongest cocktail on earth) haha and the Bahia pineapple rum based cocktail they were so tasty and refreshing and obviously we tried out different drinks thought out our time at brunch. With the brunch food menu, you were given everything that was on there, unless you didn't want something you could say and they will replace it. The appetizers were selected dishes, jalapeno cheeseballs, chicken wings, veg spring rolls, dim sum mix, and more it was a great amount and everything just taste delicious. For the mains we had a Thai curry noodle dish, vegetarian options, beef and sweet potato fries and lamb bao buns and more. For dessert we got an exotic plate of sweet and sugary pastries and rice pudding. 
The Cheeky Tiki brunch sure do spoil you with the amount of food and drinks they give you and throughout the day you are listening to all the old school tunes from the DJ. 

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