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We are 27 year old identical twins originally from Birmingham, England, we now live in Dubai.
Lived in Dubai for 14 years now and we love our life here. Started our blog in 2012, we have always kept a close eye on many international bloggers around the world on their fashion and style tips. Getting compliments from our friends and coverage from magazines here in Dubai was one of the reasons why we started our blog. Traveling is one of our favourite things in life as we can discover fashion trends around the world, as well as eat some amazing new foods and see different cultures. We both have different styles, but we do borrow clothes from each other now and then.
We were nominees for 'Best Blog' Ahlan's People's Choice Awards 2015 and reached to the Top 10 thanks to all our lovely and amazing readers!
Our personalities are different and I think that's how some people can tell us apart, people also see that each of our style's are slightly different too.
Living in Dubai has given us many opportunities that we may not have had living outside Dubai. 
We enjoy everything about Dubai reason why we had to start a 'Food' and 'Events' section to our blog so you will know where all the hot spots are.

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